Alumni info

Final Project (Master of Architectural Heritage, Master CYTEA and degree in Building Engineering)

Master students are encouraged to join us to develop a Final Project in one of the following topics:

  • Collaborative project NanoHeritage (Supported by SENECA, CARM)
  • Practical cases focused on materials used in buildings’ envelope
  • Introduction to analytical techniques to study novel and heritage materials
  • Plasters, renders and coatings in buildings
  • Measures to extend the durability of building materials: consolidants, coatings and waterproof additives
  • New materials

PhD Research: 

PhD students are encouraged to join AMBAR to carry out research on:

  • Chemical synthesis and functionalisation of materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Chemical-physical characterisation of materials
  • Surface analysis, microanalysis and microstructural examination of porous materials
  • Novel formulations in renders and plasters
  • Role of additives in pastes, mortars and coatings
  • Chemical criteria in heritage restoration
  • Traditional binders in architecture: earth, lime and gypsum
  • Materials & durability